VIDEO: Watch Deleted Scene From The True Detective Finale

True Detective

Although the True Detective finale was pretty awesome, it did leave a lot of unanswered questions – this deleted scene might answer a couple of them.

The True Detective finale on Sunday was pretty much perfect in terms of the show – it didn’t answer all the questions that were asked sure, but then that’s the nature of real life and that seemed to be one of the overbearing themes of the show.

A deleted scene has emerged though, which details a moment between Rust and Lori (his girlfriend for a bit between 95 and 02) which probably explains why they broke up. Sure, it’s not that important in the grand context of the show but it adds another layer to this already phenomenally complex and dense show, and gives us some more great lines from Rust and might just keep us going until it returns sometime next year.

UPDATE: Those whiny bitches at HBO have made us delete the video. Sorry about that. If you missed it, it was Rust and Lori having an argument about having kids, with Rust saying he never wanted to have kids with anyone and generally being Rust.

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