Trucker Drags Car For Four Miles Before Realising It Had Crashed Into His Back

Trucker Dragging Car

How the hell did he not realise this was happening?

I’ve seen a lot of weird viral videos in my time covering the news here on Sick Chirpse, and whilst this is by no means the weirdest, it’s certainly one that begs the question of just how the fuck it happened in the first place.

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In the video, we see a truck driving down the highway in California with a car literally wedged onto the back of it. I presume this happened after some kind of crash as the guy is still in the car as it’s being dragged along, but I’ve got literally no idea how it could be wedged on so firmly at that angle just from running into it?

More to the point, just how the hell did the driver of the truck not realise that he was dragging the car for four fucking miles before anyone managed to get him to pull over? Surely he would have seen/felt it:

Weird. I kinda think there might be more to it considering the guy asks him to stop filming straight away, but even then I don’t really see why anyone would do that deliberately? I mean yeah it’s kind of a sick gangster move to scare the shit out of someone, but there are so many witnesses.

I’ve really got no idea with this one. Shout out to the guy filming though – he should consider a career in presenting or narration because he really does make the whole thing about ten times better with his inane commentary.

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