New Film About A Man Who Shags His Robot Daughter Sparks Mass Outrage


New German film ‘The Trouble With Being Born’ is kicking up a lot of controversy owing to the fact it centres around a grown man who buys a 10-year-old robot to replace his 10-year-old biological daughter who went missing, and then proceeds to repeatedly have sex with it.

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The sci-fi film from Austrian filmmaker Sandra Wollner premiered at the Berlin Film Festival last March to mixed reviews. Probably due to the fact that the middle-aged protagonist is banging his robot 10-year-old daughter who keeps calling him “daddy”. Not to mention the fact that the robot is played by an ACTUAL 10-YEAR-OLD in the movie.

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In one particularly disturbing scene, Elli is laying naked on the counter as her father removes her vagina and tongue for cleaning.

According to the director, the role of the robot was supposed to be played by a 20-year-old actress, but she decided to go with a 10-year-old to make it more realistic. Apparently this also forced her to cut out some of the more explicit sex scenes, but what I’m wondering is who are the parents who allowed their 10-year-old to take part in this in the first place? Yikes!

The good news, if you can call it that, is that all of the child nudity was done via special effects, and so this 10-year-old actress thankfully wasn’t involved in them during filming.

Regardless, this whole thing has caused quite the stir online:

I mean there’s no two ways about it – this is utterly fucked. You get a bit of a sense of it in the trailer too:

I get the idea behind being controversial and pushing people’s buttons but creating a film where a 10-year-old actress is casted to play a sex robot that gets abused by her ‘dad’ is just controversial for the sake of it. It’s just unspeakably creepy. No surprise at all that so many people walked out of the screening at the Berlin Film Festival, but I wonder how many are actually keen to watch it based on that reaction? Not that it’ll ever end up on Netflix or anything. But no doubt there’s some dodgy streaming sites out there that will host it. Awful.

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