Trey Songz Is In Trouble After Video Leaks Of Him Spitting In The Mouths Of 2 Girls On Music Video Set

Oh wow.

Another day, another celebrity threatened with being ‘cancelled’ – this time R&B superstar Trey Songz for the heinous crime of… spitting into the mouths of two consenting adult females?

Check out this 13-second clip of a shirtless Trey on what appears to be a set of some sort, with the two women kneeling down in front of his crotch area and opening wide for a dose of Songz saliva:

Gross? For sure. Degrading? Seems so. But again, the two women appear to be more than active and willing participants (not to mention compensated), so what’s with all the party poopers on Twitter trying to spoil the fun? I mean look at these ladies’ eyes – doesn’t get more consensual than this:

We’ve all seen similar acts performed by skilled professionals on Pornhub, haven’t we? Well, perhaps not if you’re one of the virgins complaining about it.

Some of the outrage does seem to be based around COVID fears, but I think it’s reasonable to assume everyone on set was tested before they started swapping saliva with each other. Not to mention Trey Songz had COVID back in October so he’s got the antibodies anyway. Either way, will be interesting to see how this music video turns out. Dude definitely likes to get freaky when the cameras on.

For the time Trey Songz was accused of kidnapping a woman, click HERE. See? Nothing to worry about.


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