Travis Scott Crowdsurfs Then Attacks Fan Who Tried To Steal His $900 Trainers, Incites Crowd To Beat Him Up

Oh dear.

Following the brutal events that led to multiple deaths and hundreds of injuries at his Astroworld concert last Friday, Travis Scott put out a statement insisting that the wellbeing and safety of his fans is of the utmost importance to him.

Well, people have been digging up old Travis Scott concert footage, and let’s just say the results don’t quite back up that sentiment…

When he says “come here b*tch” with autotune – classic. I think it was the lead singer of Korn or System Of A Down who said they used to use duct tape to hold their trainers in place when they jumped into the crowd? Why didn’t Travis Scott have the foresight to do the same? He could have even taken his shoes off beforehand if that was easier for him. Even Iggy Azalea once said she would put multiple layers of underwear on to stop fans fingering her when she crowdsurfed.

Well anyway, not a great look for Travis Scott or any of the morons who beat up a random kid on his command. I wonder if the lad was OK or if he tried to sue Travis Scott afterwards? Either way footage like this isn’t going to do the Houston rapper any favours in the court of public opinion, especially after witness reports that he continued performing last Friday while dead bodies were literally being stretchered out of the arena and incited fans to rush the stage in the first place. We’ll have to wait and see how the saga unfolds.

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