Dude Who Sent Dick Pic To Trans Woman Shocked When She Sends Back Pic Of Much Bigger Dick

What a comeback.

Everyone knows by now that sending unsolicited dick pics to strangers is not cool and what’s more you’d be a complete fool to do it in this day and age where you and your penis will be exposed and shared around social media every time.

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One recent recipient of an unsolicited dick pic was 20-year-old transgender student Faye Kinley from Glasgow.

Instead of crying about it, Faye decided to fight fire with fire, or penis with penis, by sending the man a picture of her own massive cock which probably had him spitting out his coffee all over his phone.

Faye told the Daily Record:

I think he found my number from my Facebook which has since been made private. And he just texted me out of the blue.

I’ve received a fair few unsolicited pictures in the past, but for some reason it just occurred to me how funny it to be if I did exactly the same thing.

Faye’s Twitter mentions were filled with people bigging her up and saying stuff like ‘Yas Queen!!’ and the like, but the real kicker was Faye confirming that her penis is bigger than the penis of the man who sent the dick pic. I mean it doesn’t get much more emasculating than that really does it?

Anyway, I think they’re even now.

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