Trainspotting 2 Needs Extras For An 80s Nightclub Scene

Trainspotting 2

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Remember how excited everyone was when we told you that Trainspotting 2 had started filming? Well, you can get even more excited about it because there’s actually a chance that you might be able to actually appear in the movie yourself.

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This is probably only going to appeal to people from Edinburgh or at a push Scotland, but Edinburgh nightclub Cav has set up a Facebook event advertising for extras to come down and be involved in the shoot on June 14th. That’s a week on Tuesday so if you’re not in the immediate area and don’t fancy taking time off for this then it’s probably a no goer.

Here are the details:


Danny Boyle and the original cast will be in town for a very special 80s bash
Want to be there? You need to –
**be free throughout the afternoon and evening of 14th June
**be between 18 & 30 years old
**come dressed for 80s NIGHT
We’ll have plenty of prizes to dish out for the best 80s costumes, including:
40” 4K TV, Picturehouse cinema membership, cinema tickets, signed Trainspotting & Irvine Welsh goodies
Spaces are limited and admission to the event is not guaranteed !!

By entering the premises you grant TS2 Productions Ltd (“the Company”) the right to use your voice and likeness in any and all media in connection with promoting and exploiting the film. No alcohol will be available during filming.

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It sounds pretty awesome – but it also sounds like it’s probably going to be pretty difficult to get involved with it as 3.7K people are already attending and we’ve got almost two weeks before the actual event. It’s probably worth going down though if you live in the area and have got some great 80s clobber and can get down.

I’m not really sure why it’s an 80s night though? I mean I suppose it could be a flashback but Trainspotting came out in 96 when all the characters were pretty much adults and now it’s 2016 so that doesn’t really make sense? I guess maybe they’re all going to an 80s night for someone’s birthday or something?

I suppose we shouldn’t second guess it and just wait and see, I’m sure they know what they’re doing. Find out how long we have to wait until we finally get to see it here.


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