The Trailer To The ‘Power Rangers’ Movie Just Dropped And It Actually Looks Pretty Dope


Go go ‘Power Rangers’.

Anybody who grew up in the 90s will immediately know who the ‘Power Rangers’ were because it was literally one of the most successful franchises ever (even though it made no sense and was basically some weird Japanese robot footage spliced with some footage of teenagers hanging out and battering ninjas in America.) I loved that show.

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It’s therefore no real surprise that Lionsgate have decided to cash in on the franchise and reboot it with a movie, but what is kind of surprising is that the first trailer just dropped and it doesn’t look anywhere near as terrible as you might imagine it would. The movie has gone for a grittier and more realistic tone (well, as gritty and realistic as you can get for a story about ‘Power Rangers’) and it actually looks like it might pull it off:  

Yeah, I can see myself going to the cinema to check that out when it’s released next year. IMAX, obviously.

Still not sure if it’s going to be as good as that futuristic R-rated ‘Power Rangers’ short with James Van Der Beek that got released a year or so ago though. That was seriously awesome.


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