The First Trailer For ‘Blue Planet II’ Is Here And It’s Predictably Spectacular

Blue planet 2


Planet Earth II was understandably the television highlight of last year, which is why we were all super stoked when we learned that a new series of Blue Planet would be hitting our screens this year.

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And judging from the first trailer for the new series, it looks like it’s certainly going to live up to our expectations, if not blow them completely out of the water. David Attenborough has promised that new technology and science has allowed researchers to explore deeper than ever before and this is evident in the trailer below, which also features a collaboration betweens series composer Hans Zimmer and Radiohead.

They’re really pulling out all the stops for this one.

The only downside to this trailer is that they’re still using ‘coming soon’ and not giving us an official release date, but you can probably expect it to start midway through November like it did last year. Fingers crossed.

For more David Attenborough, check out 40 hours of unseen Planet Earth footage. Nice.


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