The BBC Has Shared 40 Stunning Hours Of Unseen ‘Planet Earth’ Footage

Planet Earth

Visual bliss.

‘Planet Earth II’ was undoubtedly the television event of last year and left many people begging for more following its final episode.

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Whilst the BBC has confirmed there will be another series, it probably won’t hit our screen for another ten years considering how long it took the second one to arrive. Thankfully though, there is something to tide us over as the Beeb have kindly released over 40 hours of unused footage from the last series.

Unfortunately, there’s none of David Attenborough’s narration – it would just be ‘Planet Earth’ then – but there is a beautiful soundtrack that perfectly compliments the 10-hour long videos. So far, Jungles, Mountains, Deserts and Islands have been released and it’s looking like two more will be put out into the world very soon too:

OK I’ll leave with you. I haven’t watched the 40 hours of footage just yet, but I imagine it’s the perfect thing to veg out on your couch to when you’re hungover and trying to feel human again. Already booked it in for Sunday morning this weekend.

For more of the same check out the trailer for ‘Blue Planet II’, coming later this year. Destined to be as good, if not better than ‘Planet Earth II’.


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