T-Pain Just Found Out He’s Been Accidentally Ignoring Celebrity DMs On Instagram For 2 Years

What a nightmare.

T-Pain has revealed he’s accidentally been blanking celebrities on Instagram for 2 years because he was completely unaware that there was another folder that DMs get filtered into.

There are some big names in there too – Fergie, Viola Davis, Diplo, Keri Hilson, and… Daniel Sturridge?!

What a nightmare. All this time these people probably thought T-Pain was being rude and just straight up blanking them like some kind of big shot who’s got better things to do than to acknowledge the existence of his peers, when in reality he’s just a dumbass who doesn’t know how Instagram works. Who knows what opportunities were missed over the years! Collaborations, parties, booty calls, media appearances, you name it.

T-Pain has since been playing catch up and replying to all these ancient messages:

I wonder if he ever found it weird that nobody was DMing him for the last 2 years? What a confidence boost it must be to now realise all these people were trying to work with him.

Then again, he’s too busy wiping out racist teenagers on Warzone these days, so maybe he wasn’t thinking about Instagram at all. Either way – good luck getting through those messages Mr Pain.


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