This Town Rejected Solar Panels – In Case They ‘Suck Up All The Energy From The Sun’

Face palm to the max.

A town over in America has rejected using solar panels, because residents are concerned that they will ‘suck up all the energy from the sun’.

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Yep. Really.

The town of Woodland in North Carolina was having a council meeting, when the topic of solar panels came up. Strata Solar Company wanted to build a solar farm off a nearby highway, and concerns were brought up by local residents, including Jane Mann, who was worried that the panels would absorb too much of the sun’s energy, and prevent plants from photosynthesising, stopping them from growing. It’s a crazy thought process from an adult, but it gets better. Jane is a retired SCIENCE TEACHER.

She is also concerned because of a high number of cancer deaths in the region – and nobody could prove to her that solar panels don’t cause cancer.


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Bobby Mann was also concerned. He said:

You’re killing your town, all the young people are going to move out.

He added that they would ‘suck up all of the sun’s energy’, and no businesses would come to the area.

It’s kind of cute, almost. Grown adults having such daft and childish concerns. Worrying, though. Just imagine how much it’d blow their minds if a solar roadway was installed.


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