Tourists In Bali Who Refuse To Wear A Face Mask Are Punished With 50 Press Ups


I think almost every single country in the world has had a better response to Coronavirus other than ours, and here’s another novel way of enforcing the rules from over in Bali.

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It became mandatory over there to wear a face mask last August, but of course all the pesky tourists from countries like the UK haven’t been bothering to do this and are just carrying on willy nilly like they couldn’t care less. Except over in Bali, there are actually some punishments in place if you don’t follow the rules, namely being forced to do a load of press ups right there and then in the street by armed policemen.

If you’re not wearing a mask then you have to drop and give them 50, but if you’re wearing one that doesn’t cover your nose then you only have to give them 15. Here’s what Badung Regency’s Public Order Agency Chief Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara said to AFP about the situation:

90 percent of the people caught ignoring the rules are foreign tourists.

Respect for the wearing of a mask by foreign tourists is very low.

First they say they are not aware of this regulation.

Then they say they forgot it, their mask was wet or damaged.

Same old story hey and hardly surprising is it? Quite funny that these dickheads are being made to do press ups every time they screw up though – wonder how many times they get caught until they just take the hit and mask up? In fairness, it would be a good way to get pretty jacked up.

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