5 Year Old Boy Absolutely Nails 90 Degree Pushups

Claudio Stroe 90 Degree Press Ups

Have you been working out enough lately?

Everyone always wants to spend more time going to the gym and working out, but very few people actually find the time. When you see a video like this though – or the 19 year old world shot put champion’s workout routine – it really puts you to shame and makes you want to get back in there.

The kid is called Claudio Stroe and he’s obviously a gymnast, but that doesn’t make the fact that he’s five years old and can nail 90 degree press ups like they’re nothing. If that doesn’t blow your mind, then check out how ripped his triceps are. Wow.

Should this kind of stuff be allowed? I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t because then I wouldn’t feel so bad about how unfit I am but geez, you can’t deny that this is impressive. Almost as impressive as this Russian guy’s death defying workout routine.


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