The Sign Lady Who Wrecked The Tour De France Is Still Missing



The French prosecutor leading the hunt for the fan who caused the Tour de France’s worst ever crash insists the search is ‘progressing well’ and that he is ‘confident’ they will track the lady down, even though it seems she’s completely untraceable at this point.

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Here’s a reminder of the incident that caused injuries to 21 riders and pretty much wrecked the whole event…

French outlet Ouest-France have said the nationality of the woman is ‘probably German’ given the language used on her sign – translated as a mix of French and German to mean ‘Go Grandma Grandpa’ – and there are fears she may have even hopped on a plane and be long gone by now.

The Tour De France Deputy Director told the media they plan on suing the woman, who they say ‘deliberately violated safety regulations and caused injuries that might prevent someone working for up to three months’. She’s also looking at a year in prison and a fine equivalent to just under £13,000. No wonder she got the hell out of there so quick!

Spectator interference is always a concern for the Tour De France as you can see in this informational video made specifically to prevent these incidents…

The funniest part about this is that the lady is literally dressed in a Where’s Wally cardigan, so good luck tracking down someone like that. The French authorities are apparently trawling through social media and searching through pictures to identify her, but I have a feeling she’s got away with it already by simply hopping on the first plane and getting the hell out of there. Which is pretty amazing in itself given you’d think they already alerted airport security to be on the lookout.

Here’s just one of the multiple casualties she created…

Orthopaedic surgeon Gilbert Versier has been working on the Tour for 11 years but previously served as a medical officer in Iraq and Afghanistan. He told French  newspaper L’Equipe:

It looks like a war scene, the same chaos, the same moans, bodies everywhere and tangled machines.

You can’t imagine so much breakage. In the midst of the commotion, the runners getting up and wanting to start again, the most serious cases must be identified.

In general, these are the ones who are furthest from the accident site, because they have been thrown.

British rider Chris Froome was among those caught up in the wreckage but was able to get back on his bike on Sunday and complete stage 2 of the Tour despite being admitted to hospital the previous day…

In a split second there were 50 or 60 of us all on the ground. I guess that’s bike racing.

Sounds like they’re taking this very seriously indeed. Apparently there were bone fractures, dislocated shoulders, torn ligaments and all manner of other injuries caused by this dumbass who was so desperate to get her sign on camera. Might need to go remote or get a full face transplant if she’s to avoid capture on this one. Good luck lady, wherever/whoever you are!

To watch a man flip his car after being distracted by a woman twerking out of her car window, click HERE. Keep those eyes on the road.



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