Man Flips His Car After Being Distracted By Woman Twerking Out Of Car Window (VIDEO)

Eyes on the road.

One thing the DVLA doesn’t teach you when you’re doing your driving/theory test is what you’re supposed to do when you’re in traffic and a booty suddenly starts twerking out of the window of a nearby vehicle.

If that was on the curriculum, one man may have avoided disaster over in Philadelphia the other day:


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Oof. Big up the lady filming who was barely phased by that at all and managed to keep her composure and cover the events for us. What I can’t wrap my head around though is the physics of it all… how do you flip your car like that doing barely 5mph? It’s preposterous!

My guess is this driver was also trying to film proceedings and ended up paying for it in a way that more responsible drivers around him didn’t. Filming twerking booties in traffic – about as dangerous as texting and driving, apparently. Eyes on the road!

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