Man Leaves Job To Start Man United News Twitter Feed; Ends Up Having Public Meltdown Via Twitter

Man U

I guess the moral of the story is don’t leave your day job to start a Twitter account.

The internet has been awash recently with the story of the domed @totallymanu Twitter feed. It was basically the story of on guy who left his well paid job to report Manchester United news to fans. A dedicated Manchester United Twitter feed if you will, because I’m sure one of those doesn’t exist already.

Anyway, after four days, a failed interview with Manchester United Director Of Football/Executive Vice Chairman/Whatever Ed Woodward (the man behind the fall of Manchester United), a shitty Instagram account and a lot of abuse from ‘Manchester United fans’ and people in general that just thought he was a twat, the dude has had a meltdown and it’s all over.

You can track the timeline of this meltdown below in elected tweets from the timeline. Of course, this must be a joke because it’s so stupid it can’t actually be true. Can it???


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