Woman Has An All-Time Meltdown After Being Kicked Off Bus For Not Wearing A Mask (VIDEO)

Oh dear.

It’s weird how many people still don’t seem to have grasped the Covid rules & regulations or feel that they don’t apply to them, and so it’s always surprising to see someone have a full-on meltdown over not being allowed on the bus without a mask, like they expected anything different.

For example, this woman over in Toronto who was refused entry and couldn’t have been more shocked about it:

Holy shit, lady! I haven’t seen a meltdown that big since the woman from the Trump inauguration video back in 2017:

Same energy.

Now I don’t know whether this lady in Toronto had somewhere extremely important to be or whether she’s got more problems than just a work meeting or doctor’s appointment, but come on, at this point there’s no excuse to not have a mask on you wherever you go. Just keep it in your bag or pocket if you’re so against wearing one, and stick it on when you have to.

In any case, let’s hope she got it together quick enough to get to where she needed to go. No use collapsing into the street like a crazy person when you can just go buy a mask from the shop and try again. But a healthy reminder to the rest of us to keep that mask handy.

Now if you thought that was an insane anti masker meltdown, get a load of THIS.


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