Topless FEMEN Activists Rush The Stage At Muslim Conference During ‘Wife Beating’ Discussion

These girls are absolute legends and they just proved it again.

There’s a big difference between the FEMEN girls and your typical Internet feminist. They don’t just sit around online complaining about Apple photoshopping tactics or trying to ruin men’s lives because they disagreed with them over Twitter. The FEMEN crew aren’t afraid to dive right into the thick of things and put themselves in harm’s way to make their point.

This is the moment two members stormed the stage during a speech at a Muslim conference in France. The two imams on stage were discussing the issue of whether men should be allowed to beat their wives or not, according to Islam’s teachings.

One of the women has “nobody makes me submit” written on her body.

Here’s how it played out:

So they were quickly ushered out as was expected, but man, FUCK that guy kicking out at them in the process. No excuse for that whatsoever.

Also, shout out the imam who couldn’t keep his eyes off the girls:


For more of FEMEN’s greatest hits, check out the time they started shoving crucifixes up their butts in front of the Pope, or the time they kidnapped baby Jesus from the Vatican on Christmas Day. Both classics.

My personal favourite though – the time they sent a policeman smashing into a brick wall and then legged it into the sunset.


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