Feminists Are Furious With Apple Because They Photoshopped A Smile Onto A Woman’s Face During Demo

Faux outrage can be funny sometimes, but this is utterly ridiculous.

Busy night for Apple earlier this week. Not only did they unveil a brand new invention (the pencil) which subsequently got mocked to shit by the Internet, they also managed to spark a feminist backlash after “forcing a woman to smile” during one of their demos.

Not an actual woman though, just a picture of a woman to demonstrate that they have the technology to turn a serious pout into a smile. As so:

Pretty harmless, right? Nothing to get your panties in a twist over? Come on now, it’s 2015 — of course people got their panties in a twist:

Yeah, come on Apple. How do you expect the world to get excited over an XXL-size iPad and pencil when you go and insult an entire gender on the same night. Did that model in the photos who you paid to feature in your presentation give you permission to make her smile? Never make a woman smile without her permission. Cheers.

Wait till these same people get a load of South Korea’s ‘permanent smile‘ surgery trend.


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