You Can Now Visit A Topless Drive Thru Coffee Shop In America

Bikini Baristas

Hopefully this becomes a worldwide trend.

Obviously coffee is big business all over the world, but it’s probably the biggest in America. How are you going to stand out from the crowd and make your coffee business successful in such a saturated market?

You could take the route of making really good coffee in a cool looking environment, but that’s probably the norm too thanks to all the hipster joints you now see. In Washington State though, Bare Beans Coffee in Spokane has come up with another idea: all their baristas are going to serve the coffee topless.

Obviously this has been a massive hit and people are flocking to their drive thru outlet all the time to catch a glimpse of the hot girls’ boobies or the buff guys’ bodies, so it’s got to go down as an absolutely sick business idea really. The crusty old people and conservative right in the town obviously aren’t happy about this though and are trying to get it shut down – the video below examines the debate from both angles:

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Interesting debate, although I can’t really side with those crusty olds, can you? If people want to work topless and in their pants and they’re happy about it why should we stop them? It’s a drive thru coffee shop so it’s pretty easy to not go there if you’re offended by it or worried your little kids might see it. The human body should be celebrated not ostracised in any case. It’s 2016 people.

Still despite this place being a revelation, there’s only one way to really drink your morning coffee like a boss, and it was demonstrated by this Norwegian gangster a couple of days ago.


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