How To Drink Your Morning Coffee Like An Absolute Gangster

How To Drink Morning Coffee

As demonstrated by the biggest gangster in Norway.

I imagine most people reading this drink their morning coffee huddled over a newspaper or watching TV in their front room, desperately trying to wake up or by picking it up from a massive commercial chain on their way to the office, both of which seem like perfectly acceptable ways to do it.

Well, it turns out that you’re doing it all wrong as this Norwegian gangster Trym Nordgaard shows us in the video below:

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Wow. Just wow. I really wanted to find a way to hate this guy but everything he does in this video was so majestic that I found it impossible.

Everything about this is just so slick it’s untrue: the effortless slide down the hill, the dressing gown, the nonchalant reading and raise of the cup – it’s almost too much to take. With it due to get real cold in the UK soon, and maybe even snow, perhaps we’ll be seeing people over here copying his style? I doubt anyone would be able to pull it off as good as this guy.

And yes I can even forgive the man bun in this instance, although the same can’t be said for Justin Bieber’s recent attempt.


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