Top 7 Hottest Female Politicians Past And Present

Politics is chocked full of fusty, grey-haired, male back-stabbers. Here’s a few attractive, young, female back stabbers to redress the balance.

The world of politics is associated less with attractive young women and more with grey, unattractive, wart covered men. But this list shows that’s not always the case. Move over Tony Blair, here’s some lookers from the world of politics. Unfortunately, none of them are Brits. What’s that about?

7) Eunice Olsen

Top Hottest Politicians - Singapore - Eunice Olsen 2

Olsen won the Miss Singapore beauty competition in 2000 and was appointed as a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) in Singapore by President SR Nathan in 2004. In fact she was the youngest NMP in Singapore’s history.

Top Hottest Politicians - Singapore - Eunice Olsen 3

Apparently her main focus in politics is youth engagement and charity work. Olsen also struck out at Casinos and promoted blood donation. Variety is the spice of life.

Top Hottest Politicians - Singapore - Eunice Olsen

She served for two terms and didn’t run for a third. It’s easy to assume that she got the job because the President fancied her, but by the sounds of things she did quite a lot of actual work. So good on you Olsen.

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