Top 5 Weirdest News Of The Week #1 Is Unbelievable

This week was another week as weird as the one before. We’ve got reunited families, facial surgery and another poor man released from death row after decades.

4) World’s Biggest Hot Dog

weird news week - biggest hot dog

Finally some news worth reading. Sod the starving of the world, here’s a massive hot dog. Made in… guess where?… that’s right! AMERICA! Brett Enright already owned the title of biggest burger maker, but that wasn’t enough for him. At the Miami-Dade County Fair in Florida last week he cooked up another monster.

weird news week - biggest hot dog enwright

The hot dog weighs in at 125 lbs, that’s about the weight of 100 cans of beer. Once Enright had posed and looked happy in a few pictures they cut the behemoth up and sold it for $1 a portion. Anyone else feel a little bit peckish?

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