Top 5 Weirdest News Of The Week #1 Is A Medical Marvel

The world hasn’t let us down this week, we’ve got freaky fish, meaty chocolate, atrocious public services and another Indian medical marvel…

Welcome to another week of weird. First off, I’d like to say that I’m gutted I couldn’t cover the topless woman going on the rampage in McDonalds, that was probably the best story of the week. But, not to worry, I’ve certainly scraped together some other mad enough stuff for you.

Onwards once more into the breach my friends, let’s focus our lazer beams on the strange…

5) Mad Mexican Oarfish

Weird News - Giant Oarfish Mexico

This week a massive and rare oarfish washed up on a beach in Mexico. The creature was spotted in shallow waters and was swimming around impressing onlookers who probably made noises like this: “Oooooh”.

Then, to everyone’s dismay, it beached itself on a small island and died. Oh. Shame, but it means we get some good photos that put the impressive beast into perspective.

Weird News - Giant Oarfish Mexico length

Confession: At the start of this mini-story I said that the oarfish was massive, this specimen was about 15 ft long; but in the depths (which they much prefer) they can reach up to 36 ft. So it wasn’t massive in comparison. I also said it was rare, that’s a lie too, they just don’t get seen by humans much because, rather sensibly, they keep well away from us and the air we breath. But it is a rare sighting of one on land, that’s for sure.

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