Nothing Was Better Than Experiencing One Of These 5 Days When You Were At School

Time for a trip down memory lane with the Top 5 most exciting/fun days during your school years.

1. Snow Day

Literally does not get better than being a kid and having it snow heavily on a school day. Whether you’re 6 years old or 16, the moment your parents get the phone call or email or whatever saying you don’t have to go to school is up there among the greatest feelings in the world. It was like the Father Christmas of phone calls come early to deliver the best news ever. You get to sled/build snow castles/have snow fights and keep warm at home instead of going to school. And even if you did have to go to school, even the lamest of teachers would still let you all go outside and fuck each other up with snow balls for most of the day. Completely worthless as far as education goes – but still totally worth going to school for.

The snow day — the best school day of all time. Parents must have hated it though.

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