Tony Hawk Just Nailed The World’s First Ever Horizontal Loop

Tony Hawk Horizontal Loop

Tony Hawk is the man who never stops innovating.

Tony Hawk will go down in skateboarding history as the man, and there’s a good reason for this because the guy is an absolute legend. He’s constantly innovating skateboarding and was of course the first man to ever land a 900 – even his son is completely sick at skateboarding.

In his old age, Tony Hawk shows no desire to slow down either and is still constantly pushing the boundaries of the sport he helped to make famous. In the video below, he’s making history again as he manages to skate the world’s first horizontal loop.

In case it isn’t clear what that is from the description, it’s a loop that Tony Hawk skates around at a 90 degree angle to the floor. Obviously it isn’t at that angle the whole time, but the whole of the loop is and it takes Hawk a fair few goes to master it, as even he says ‘I’ve got no idea how to do this’ at the start.

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Like he always does though, Tony Hawk keeps on going until he nail it – and that’s why he’s probably going to be remembered as the best skateboarder in history. Was there ever any doubt he wasn’t going to beat this?

However, there is one blip that will damage Tony Hawk’s legacy, and that’s the fact that the last Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game absolutely blew. Sort it out yeah Tony?


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