Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Dropped Yesterday And It’s A Glitchy Pile Of Shit

Tony Hawk's 5 Glitchy Mess

Major bail.

If you were anything like me then during your teenage years/youth then you probably spent hours upon hours upon hours upon hours (and then a couple of days on top of that) playing various incarnations of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series and desperately trying to bust out as many insane combos as you could whilst thwarting that little bitch Erik Sparrow.

Sadly, it seemed like the game had died out a while back now, but Tony’s been at the drawing board working on getting it back on the shelves. Yesterday, we beheld the fruits of his labour with the release of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Five. Unfortunately, everyone who has reviewed it says that it’s full of glitches and absolutely sucks.

Firstly, you could tell from the original gameplay trailer that it didn’t look too hot by today’s standards, but it goes even worse than that, as this video that was uploaded onto YouTube yesterday shows. It’s basically riddled with glitches and this video shows it by featuring a bunch of bails that don’t make any sense, with Tony regularly disappearing through the floor, flying through walls, flying miles into the air, getting stuck in perpetual motion somewhere or just suffering from really, really bad slowdown the likes I haven’t seen since I tried to install Tony Hawk’s 2 on my really old PC – don’t ask. Either way, it’s not good.

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Apparently everything in this video was captured in under an hour of gameplay, which really doesn’t bode well for the game. Even if that’s a lie, the game has been out less than 24 hours so it can’t be that much more. Jesus.

There’s also reports going around that people that bought it on the PS4 (that video is from the PS4 version) actually needed to download a patch bigger than the game itself before they could even get to play a level of it – all the disc version of the game got them was a park editor and a tutorial, which sounds like a bit of a major screw up.

For what it’s worth, a review of the Xbox One version did sound like it was slightly better as there were less glitches, but there was still some serious slowdown and an incident of the level not being able to load up the challenges. So still not great.

It’s pretty sad that Activision and Tony Hawk have managed to humongously screw up the relaunch of a game that could have actually turned out to be massive by not even hiring a video games tester and releasing something that is just going to massively piss everyone who was looking forward to playing on it off, but hey I guess that’s life. Don’t get excited for anything because someone will always screw it up.

Maybe this video of a kid re-enacting Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater gameplay in real life might cheer us up.


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