Tommy Robinson Calls On ‘Patriots’ To Attend BLM Protests Next Weekend & Defend Churchill Statue

FFS this is going to end badly.

Fresh off his release on bail after assaulting a man at a retail park the other week, Tommy Robinson has spent the weekend raging over the events that unfolded in London during the BLM protests.

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While many were out in the capital protesting peacefully, there were some troublemakers about which resulted in 22 police officers injured, and some pretty depressing footage of police officers legging it from a crew of wannabe American idiots. I think we can all agree that sort of chavvy behaviour undermines all the good that will potentially arise from these protests, not to mention the incentive it gives people like Robinson to act.

The real kicker for Tommy though came when the statue of Winston Churchill was defaced, and it now looks like there’s going to be a whole load of trouble in London next weekend:

He also had a go at Anthony Joshua and Little Mix for attending the protests (some joker has applied ‘Park Life’ over the clip):

Not good. Unfortunately this sort of escalation was always inevitable as soon as some people began acting in bad faith and using the protests as an excuse to attack British police and vandalise property. I mean I don’t think anyone gives a shit about the Edward Colston statue that ended up in a river in Bristol because that guy was objectively a piece of shit, but Winston Churchill’s legacy is a bit more complex than that. He had some views that were “acceptable” back then, but not today. But he also defeated Nazis and fascism. Wherever you stand on the issue personally, I think it’s reasonable to say that attacking the Churchill statue is a bad idea that will only galvanise people like Tommy Robinson, and nobody wants to see that.

Our advice? Stay away from London next weekend and hopefully the police will be prepared this time to deal with troublemakers from both sides.

To watch Piers Morgan give Tommy Robinson a bollocking on Good Morning Britain, click HERE.


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