Tommy Robinson Gets Freed From Prison; Is Instantly Offensive

Should’ve thrown away the key.

Far-righter Tommy Robinson was freed from prison this week after serving a nine-week sentence for contempt of court.

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And as soon as he made it out, the media were quick to point out his new look of a longer hair and beard.

Not one to ever miss an opportunity to be a total d-bag, the former EDL leader said:

I look like a little cowardly convert. Salaam alaikum.

“Salaam alaikum” is the Arabic equivalent of “peace be with you”. Which would be a nice thing to say if it weren’t for the words before it – and the fact that he’s the poster boy of a bigoted campaign against the Islamic community.

This isn’t the first time Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – has done time in prison.

Prior to his contempt of court charge, which he received after filming and live-streaming defendants in a grooming trial, the neo-fascist has been done for ABH, using another man’s passport to travel to the US, mortgage fraud, taking part in a football brawl, possession of drugs, threatening behaviour and breach of a court order.

Shame he didn’t get longer, to be honest. Considering he got decked on his first day in prison, sounds like it’s just the kind of treatment he needs. Dickhead deserves everything he gets.


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