Tommy Robinson Was Decked In The Showers By An OAP On His First Day In Prison


Tommy Robinson was imprisoned last week and laughed a desperate appeal for political asylum from Donla Trump as he was fearful that he would be killed during his time on the inside as this country’s jails were run by Asian gangs and it turns out that he might be right – at least about some of it.

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It turns out that Robinson hadn’t even been in prison for a day before he got the shit kicked out of him by a fellow inmate, although it wasn’t someone who was affiliated with an Asian gang but instead an old age pensioner. Sounds kinda embarrassing for old Tommy hey?

Apparently the fight happened because Robinsons strutted into the prison like he was a celebrity and wasn’t respecting the other inmates. An unnamed source from inside Bellmarsh top security prison explains how it all went down:

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There was a bit of pushing then one prisoner, a 70-year-old, very hard pensioner, decked Robinson with a punch to the jaw.

He didn’t have any idea who he had hit, but he wasn’t going to back down. Those are the rules in Belmarsh, you fight or back down.

It was all over in a flash. One of the prison officers asked what was going on, but he said he slipped so no official report was made.

If you start acting as though you are big-time, someone will take you down. If you come into the prison and start acting like you are the boss they will take you down quickly.

Sounds like Tommy got taught a lesson hey? Can’t wait to hear more stories like this during his stint in prison because man they’re funny aren’t they? Dickhead deserves everything he gets.

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