Tom Van Steenbergen Attempts Biggest Front Flip In Mountain Biking History Over 72 Foot Canyon

Biggest Front Flip Mountain biking

Unfortunately he doesn’t make it.

We’ve featured the Red Bull Rampage a bunch of times on the site and all the carnage that goes along with it, but this has to be one of most insane things we’ve ever seen in mountain biking. Tom Van Steenbergen must be clinically insane for even attempting it.

Unfortunately he doesn’t make it, but you gotta salute him for trying and the GoPro footage on his helmet is particularly crazy and really shows you how it is for those guys. The action replay of his impact is way scarier though – it’s crazy that these guys are willing to put themselves through that kind of pain to land the perfect trick.

When you pull it off though I guess it’s worth it like when Kelly McGarry landed this back flip over the same canyon from last year’s event.


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