Tom Hardy SHUTS DOWN Reporter Who Asks About His Sexuality During ‘Legend’ Press Conference

Boom, roasted.

Tom Hardy is no stranger to shutting down reporters who he feels are asking him inappropriate or irrelevant questions. For example the time one asked him if he thought there were too many females in Mad Max.

This time, as Hardy is playing a man and his “psychotic gay twin” in the Krays biopic ‘Legend’, one journalist thought this was the optimal time to ask Hardy about his own sexuality.

Hardy wasn’t having any of it however. It begins around 28:10:

Get the impression he’d rather just discuss the film and not his personal life when promoting the actual film the question. Fair dos really.

Would have been pretty sweet if he went into Bane mode though. Could have happened if the reporter then whipped out Tom Hardy’s old MySpace profile pics to make his point.


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