Tom Cruise Posted A Video Of Him Going To See ‘Tenet’ In London And It Was Really Weird

Tom Cruise surely doesn’t go to the cinema normally?

‘Tenet’ was finally released at the cinema a couple of days ago and hopefully it will signal somewhat of a return to normality as people slowly start heading back to the movies *following* the Coronavirus crisis.

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In order to try and encourage people back to the cinema, Tom Cruise decided to make a video of him going to see ‘Tenet’ in London but to be honest it’s just completely weird because who believe that Tom Cruise ever bothers to mingle with normal people and go to the cinema? If he even wanted to see ‘Tenet’ I’m sure all he needs to do to do that is text his agent and then he can hold a private screener in his home cinema that’s probably bigger and better than the London cinema he just showed up in.

Take a look at this and see what you think:

It’s just so strange and creepy seeing Tom Cruise trying to act like a normal person in this isn’t it? I mean if it was someone a bit more low key famous like Paul Dano or Mark Ruffalo doing this then I could get behind it, but legitimately seeing one of the most famous people in the world doing this just makes me feel kind of puzzled and freaked out.

Yes, I get that he’s made the movie to try and reassure people that might still be scared to go to the cinema because of COVID but the fact that Tom Cruise clearly doesn’t normally go to the movie theatre kind of undermines the whole thing. Unsettling.

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