Research Shows Over 750,000 People Who Use Tinder Are Infected With Crabs

Pubic louse

You’ll never want to swipe right again.

We all know that Tinder can pose a bit of a risk to your sexual health, in the same way that it would if you were going out and finding potential shaggers every night. This guy was so miffed that his Tinder date gave him herpes that he tried to sue her.

Although that’s a bit more of a rare case, it turns out that public lice are rife in the Tinder community.

Itchy groin

Dr Cameron Webb, scientist at the University of Sydney, has discovered that 750,000 people are currently infected with crabs. For any of those wondering — crabs are basically tiny little parasitic insects that live on course (pubic) hair and they can be passed on during sex, condom or not.

Dr Webb told The Conversationist:

Perhaps their absence from the sexual health spotlight is due to the lack of serious health implications associated with infestation, the shifting grooming habitats of those most sexually active.

Or, perhaps in the age of internet diagnosis, few people present their itchy nether regions to the local doctor.

Tinder match

As well, Dr Webb described the potential health risks with having a lice infection:

There’s evidence that pubic lice may be an indicator of other sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia.

Well on that note, enjoy your Tinder dates this Valentine’s day everyone. If only more people were honest about their STDs on their profiles, then maybe we wouldn’t be in this whole lice mess in the first place.


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