Respect To This Girl On Tinder For Letting Everyone Know About Her STD Straight Away

How’s this for a conversation starter?

Tinder profiles are usually a lot easier to make fun of than to praise, but this Alli girl has done something worth bigging up here. Check it out:

Tinder BIO

Ice = broken. Have to appreciate this move whether you’re swiping left or not because who knows how many people there are on Tinder who keep their STDs top secret (you may have even found out the hard way). Way better to find out by reading their Tinder bio then to find out the day after meeting them when you’ve gone a bunch of weird spots and rashes on your dick. Also a good way for her to only match with ‘decent guys’, I suppose.

Even if Alli never matches with anyone, she could always put her STDS into awesome use like the nurse who purposely infected a whole bunch of Nazi soldiers during WWII.What a badass.


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