Man Sues His Tinder Hookup After Contracting Genital Herpes From Her

Does this man only have himself to blame?

A Las Vegas man is suing a woman he hooked up with through Tinder, after she lied to him about being STD-free and ended up giving him genital herpes.

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The man, identified as ‘John Doe’ in court documents, says he met the woman — a Hollywood producer — on Tinder and had unprotected sex with her twice in Vegas.

He wants at least $10,000 for his pain and suffering, and says the woman later admitted she had lied to him about not having genital herpes. He says that the first time they had sex at her house, she had no condoms and told him he didn’t have to worry about STDs because she was a “good Jewish mother”.

Christopher Reynolds with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation made this point regarding the case:

What about personal responsibility? You met a stranger. You have unprotected sex with someone. Why wouldn’t you use protection if it was someone you didn’t even know?

Charles Prince, president of Vegas Matchmakers, added:

If you go on the Internet and look for intimacy, this is the risk you’re running. You’re not building a real relationship with someone who’s going to be honest with you. Each person is looking just to satisfy individual needs and desires.

On her end of the scale, she should have been honest, but his decision to pursue instant gratification is going to affect him the rest of his life. They both went on the site, they both knew what they were getting into: they were looking for a quick night of fun, a good time. Now he’s paying the price and he doesn’t like it.


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Both make totally valid points. I don’t know which way this case is going to swing but it’s not looking good for the dude, that’s for sure. I mean these two definitely had some crazy Vegas sex and I’d say Vegas is up there with one of the cities you’re most likely to catch an STD having bareback sex with a total stranger.

In fact it’s the risk you run anytime you swipe right on Tinder. You agree to barebacking a stranger you met on a dating app and you can’t be too surprised when they leave you a lumpy surprise behind. You mess around with your sexual health, you pay the price. Leave the lawyers out of it.

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