Tim Martin Has Been Rinsed On Twitter After Wetherspoons Runs Out Of Beer Due To Brexit

Unlucky mate.

I asked who would be next last week in terms of all the food shortages that the UK is currently experiencing because of Brexit and/or Coronavirus complications and I think I went for someone like Subway in the end, but I never thought that it would end up being Mr Brexit himself Tim Martin’s Wetherspoons running out of beer.

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Sadly though, this is the situation that the nation’s favourite (?) pub chain is unfortunately facing right now with supplies of Carling, Coors and Bud Light in short supply at some branches. Wetherspoons spokesman Eddie Gershon said the following about it:

We are experiencing some supply problems with both Carling and Coors, which means that some pubs do not have the products available.

We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused. We know that the brewers are trying to resolve the issue.

Pretty weak statement but I don’t really know what else the guy could have said to be fair. Obviously though, everyone on Twitter has taken the opportunity to do what they do best on that site and have completely laid into Tim Martin for being such a vocal supporter of Brexit and now facing its consequences:

I mean some of these guys have got some good rinses in there – shout out Billy Bragg – but do you really think Tim Martin is losing that much money over any of this? He’ll just fire some of his employees, close some branches or dock their wages or something, duh. He’ll be OK, people like that always are.

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