Wetherspoons’ Brexit Cheerleader Tim Martin Can’t Name One Single EU Law He Dislikes

Tim Martin


Wherever you stand on the issue of Brexit, I’m sure that most people would now agree that the government’s handling of the withdrawal from the EU has been a complete and utter shambles and it’s looking like nobody is going to get what they wanted from it the way things are going.

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In a narrative that seems to be constantly pedalled by Remainers, it seems like a lot of people that were advocates for Leave can’t actually name anything that’s wrong with the EU and EU laws when questioned about it and they’re reason for backing this idea has some vague notion of turning Britain back into an independent powerful nation again. This has once again been highlighted in Owen Jones’ interview with Tim Martin in a Wetherspoons in Southend, where Tim can’t actually name any EU laws that he disagrees with and talks vaguely about how being in the Eurozone is dangerous without any real examples.

This interview is a bit childish and stupid as both men clearly dislike each other but it pretty much sums up the stupidity of the whole Brexit debacle:

Yeah that was pretty painful and stupid wasn’t it? Kinda rated Tim Martin for saying Owen Jones must have been on the Stella, but the rest of it just makes him look like an idiot who doesn’t have a clue about anything. Great.

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