Tim Flach’s Intense And Intimate Animal Portraits Are Photographic Gold

Lean in for a kiss ladies and gents.

Tim Flach is a London-based photographer who specialises in taking awesome photos of animals. Apparently he is particularly adept at photographing bats, which I can imagine would be tricky unless they were obediently asleep.

Flach has been taking pictures of creatures to critical acclaim  for years now; along the way he’s picked up an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society, and an Honorary Doctorate from Norwich University of the Arts in 2013. From the pictures that follow it’s easy to see why. There’s a certain quality to them that speaks louder than your standard photo of a cute cat. His passion for wildlife seems to peer through the lens.

Flach has written four books and displayed his works across the globe from Uzbekistan to Japan, and from China to Scotland. Take a look at some of his instantly lovable animal portraits over the next few slides:

Tim Flach - Monkey Eyes

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