TikTok Girl Making ‘Hella Tips’ Says Everyone Should Be A Cart Girl (VIDEO)

Get rich quick.

If you woke up today without a job, guess what? You’re in luck.

TikToker Payton Lambes has the best kind of job – an easy one that pays well. Why not do as she suggests and go get a job as a cart girl as well? Elite level information for anyone out there looking for a job or struggling to pay the bills:

@paytonlambes♬ original sound – Payton Lambes

There you have it – it’s as simple as that. Although I think she might have left out the part about needing to be an attractive girl in your early 20s but whatever, you’ll figure that part out. Point is she’s out there riding around in her golf cart and making “hella tips” and sharing the knowledge with the rest of us out of the kindness of her heart.

Not sure if this is just a stepping stone to a glistening OnlyFans career but as long as she doesn’t do anything stupid like drink on the job and share the evidence online, she’s probably got a good few years left of being a golf cart girl in her.


@paytonlambesDrunk♬ original sound – Payton Lambes

I’d reupload without that caption if I was her.

For a look at what might be the cringiest TikTok of all time – certainly of 2020 – click HERE. Yikes.


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