TikTok Girl Goes Viral For Disgusting Story About Getting Pinworms In Her Butt


Sometimes you watch a video on the internet that makes you wish you could turn back the hands of time to 5 minutes ago and choose not to hit the play button, but seeing as I’ve now been introduced to the world of pinworms (anecdotally, that is), I might as well share the clip with you too.

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Courtesy of TikTok user @hoopdolphin:

@hoopdolphinI’m eating a bowl of edamame. ##momsoftiktok ##edamame ##pinworms

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Jesus H Christ. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat edamame again. I mean having worms is gross enough, but why do you have to tell us your disgusting story while munching on a bowl of beans like cereal? People will do anything to go viral, I guess.

The other part I’m confused about is her use of tape once she realised her butthole was being ravaged by pinworms. Was she trying to lock the pinworms into her butt? Was she meant to use it as a sort of wax strip to pull them all out? Really not sure what she was going for there but glad the doctor helped her get rid of her pinworms in the end.

Before you go Googling, I’ve got you covered:

There you have it. Don’t want pinworms? Wash your damn hands/butt/mouth/body. You’re welcome.

For the man who was stunned after pulling a 17-foot tapeworm out of his butt, click HERE. You would be stunned too, to be fair.


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