Three Men Get Trapped In A Lift After Curry And Beers; Almost Die From Fart Inhalation



There’s never a good time to be trapped in a lift, but probably the worst time of all would be after you and your mates had just indulged in a curry. That’s exactly what happened to an Englishman, an Australian and a Taiwanese man over in New Zealand though, and it sounds like it was absolute hell.

Ben Rose, Cega Wang and Scotty Lintern were on a business trip to Marrara in Darwin’s north when they decided to dine at an Indian restaurant and then attempted to get the lift one floor to their hotel room. It didn’t go to plan. Rose – the Australian of the trio – explains:

The lift surged and went up and down, up and down again. The emergency lights went on and we realised we were in for the long haul.

Immediately Cega Wang realised he needed to pee and might have to go in the corner.

Scotty the apologised in advance after revealing that his stomach had started to rumble following his consumption of the spicy laksa.

Soon afterwards, we were struggling to breathe after Scotty’s little effort, there was a smell in that lift that I thought would outlast religion.

Cega was deep breathing through a tiny crack in the elevator with tears in his eyes. He hasn’t spoken to us since.

It’s been a long recovery after that day, but we’re getting there.

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There was no air conditioning in the elevator.

Hell would have been a few degrees cooler. It was more painful than I imagine childbirth would be, we were at our wit’s end.

It was hot as sin, we were all sweating profusely and sitting on the floor in little pools of our own sweat.

We tried to order beers from the pub next door on our phones but they couldn’t physically get them into the lift.

It was only half an hour but it felt like a week long ordeal.

We went straight out from the lift to the pub and cracked a few beers. Cega ran straight to the bathroom though and stood in the shower for half an hour.

Having said all that though, it was a delicious meal, really tasty. I doubt we’ll be going back anytime soon though.

Probably a good idea. I know this sounds kinda funny written down, but if I was trapped in a lift for half an hour after a curry with some of the people I know, I would not be laughing about it in the slightest. I would probably never ever want to relive those memories, and might swear off curry for the rest of my life too. It’s not a laughing matter.

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