This Thread Is Going Viral On Twitter For Explaining What’s Really Going On In Britain During Lockdown

We’re doomed.

Despite the fact that we have the biggest death count in Europe and second largest in the world, it’s currently believed that plans are in place to start lifting it following Boris’ big speech on Sunday night.

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Whilst a lot of newspapers and therefore people think that we’re absolutely killing it here and doing a great job of smashing the pandemic, the truth is that it’s been a completely despicable and useless response and that we probably shouldn’t be even thinking about lifting the lockdown at the moment. This thread on Twitter is currently going viral for explaining the situation better than I ever could.

Take a look and open your eyes:

I mean I don’t think anything that Crystal Moth there says can be proved wrong. People can argue with it and say that things could have been much worse or whatever, but that doesn’t really mean anything. The fact is the response has been the worst in Europe and writing it all down like that makes everything seem even more moronic than it already is.

I would end this by saying please sort it out, but I can’t see there being any improvements any time soon. At least we might be getting out of lockdown soon though hey – sure that’s going to end well.

For more of the same, here’s how the media in other countries are reporting our response to Coronavirus. It’s terrible.


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