This Thread Is Going Viral For Explaining Why Black People Hate UK Work Drinks

The UK isn’t much better.

The Black Lives Matter movement has dominated the conversation in the last couple of days, especially during Blackout Tuesday yesterday and more and more information is coming into the public sphere explaining just how awful regular existence can be for black people.

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The latest thread to attempt to educate people about this comes from Twitter user PtSomebodii, who has explained why he doesn’t like to attend work drinks with his colleagues as a black man and yeah, to be fair to the guy it sounds absolutely awful and I’m sure a lot of people reading this will recognise themselves in this and hang their heads in shame:

Yeah I guess most people indulging in those actions probably didn’t realise how problematic their behaviour was, but I don’t think that’s any excuse. With everything that’s happening and all this information and literature that is being spread and people changing their profile pictures to thee black square, you’ve gotta think that it does feel like things might change in the future. Make it happen.

For more of the same, check out this thread which explains why the UK is institutionally racist. Awful.


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