Here’s A Thread Explaining Where ‘One Britain One Nation’ Day Has Come From

Let’s get to the bottom of this.

I wrote about how children were being encouraged to sing a bizarre ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ kind of song for new holiday ‘One Britain One Nation’ day this Friday, but there was some confusion over whether this was a government campaign or just something that someone had made up once for some reason.

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Turns out that it’s kind of a bit of both. The organisation/campaign was originally dreamt up back in 2005 by a guy called Kash Singh, but it’s recently gathered a bit of momentum thanks to his politician friends bringing it up with Boris Johnson and Gavin Williamson.

Here’s a helpful thread detailing its history compiled by Dan Barker:

Well there you have it – glad that’s all cleared up. Not really sure about it actually becoming an annual event even if it’s one solely revolving around its ridicule. Would kinda prefer if we all just forgot about it and it came up once a decade for a bit of a cheap laugh rather than a yearly event. The way things are going in this country, it will probably be less than a week before something stupider comes out so I guess there’s that. Not sure if that’s the solution we want though.

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