Thousands Are Joining A ‘Leave Work And Go To A Beer Garden, They Can’t Sack Us All’ Facebook Group

Let’s go.

We’re experiencing a bonafide heatwave at the moment in this country and it’s causing a lot of people to act crazy and most of us to wish that we weren’t stuck in a stuff office all day but were instead wiling away the day with our buddies in a pub garden getting wasted. That sounds much better doesn’t it?

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Well, as we’re English the only way we’ve decided to rebel against this is the only way we know how: by joining a Facebook group. Clearly inspired by the Area 51 meme, the one in question is called ‘Leave Work And Go To A Beer Garden, They Can’t Sack Us All’ and at the time of writing 21,000 people have joined whereas 72,000 people are interested. Looks like that’s going down then.

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The one thing about it though is that you would assume that it would be scheduled for tomorrow as that’s going to be the hottest day ever recorded in this country and surely the perfect and most appropriate day to do something like this on. Instead they’ve picked August 18th which is almost a month away and nobody even knows if it’s going to be sunny on that day. Also gives our bosses time to mobilise which isn’t so great.

As such I think we should change the date to tomorrow. See you in the garden of your local Wetherspoons bright and early.

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