Thousands Descend On UK Beaches On The Hottest Day Of The Year

Good idea?

Lockdown is sucking especially hard at the moment as the temperatures rise and the summer really starts to kick in and you just wanna go and sit in a beer garden and get hammered with all your mates, but don’t worry – thousands are flocking to the beaches.

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I suppose technically there’s not really anything wrong with going to the beach as Boris Johnson did ease lockdown restrictions so that you were allowed to do unlimited exercise and sunbathing, as well as meeting people in groups of two, but I’m not really sure if seeing pictures like the ones in these articles sits that well with me. It clearly seems like the majority of people are taking a ‘yeah whatever’ attitude and just doing whatever they want in regards to heading to the beach or park or whatever to hang out with their mates.

Not sure if this is the right course of action and worried it might come back and kick us in the ass when all is said and done. Maybe this won’t lead to the dreaded second wave and everything will be OK, but right now I still feel like we should be staying as careful as we can and not doing dumb stuff like descending to the beach en masse just because it started to get a bit sunnier. Doubt anyone will pay any notice to what I think though.

For more of the same, here’s a woman who travelled to the beach complaining about how many people are at the beach. Typical.


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