This Woman Who Drove 1.5 Hours To A Beach Is Shocked That Other People Did The Same


As the lockdown has sort of gradually started to be lifted, there are going to be a number of people in the coming weeks who are going to be interviewed on TV and come across as complete and utter idiots – possibly through no real fault of their own as the guidance is so nonsensical – and the first one of these was the woman in the video below.

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Jane Peacock and her family visited Durdle Door, Dorset on Sunday – a one and a half hour drive – and were interviewed about their experience for BBC News, where she started talking about how she was so surprised that so many other people had traveled to the beach. Her daughter then said that she thought there was probably going to be another peak because there were so many people out and about.

As I’ve been saying a lot during this crisis, you couldn’t really write this stuff. Take a look at it below:

Lol. I mean I am aware that the BBC can edit this to make these people look like idiots, but when you’re offering sound bites up like that then I’m not sure that there’s any context when you don’t come across as a major moron to be honest. Do these people just think they’re special and better than everyone else or something? Really deluded interview.

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