This Woman Hasn’t Eaten Fruit Or Veg In 22 Years And Only Eats Chicken Nuggets



We’ve written a lot of stories on people and their absolutely ridiculous diets over the years on Sick Chirpse and whilst I don’t think this is the craziest, it’s certainly up there – although unlike most of the people we’ve talked about in the past, this woman actually has a decent excuse.

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25 year old Summer Monro suffers from avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) and believes that it was triggered when she was forced to eat mashed potato at the age of three, the one food that she didn’t like at the time. Since then, she’s pretty much survived on chicken nuggets, chips and crisps and claims that just the sight of fruit or vegetables makes her wretch a lil bit.

Here’s what she had to say about it all:

All I eat is Birds Eye chicken nuggets or crisps. My weight fluctuates with what I eat.

I have tried to try fruit and veg, I tried to eat some apple but I physically can’t. It’s not that I don’t want to try. It just makes me feel sick – there’s a part of my brain that physically won’t let me do it.

My granddad obviously wants me to eat more. He offered me a grand to eat one garden pea and I couldn’t do it.

I’m really bored, I don’t get excited to eat. It’s worse at lunchtime when people are eating sandwiches and I have a packet of crisps.

I just can’t see myself changing. I like the smell of food but if I try to eat it, it makes me physically sick.

It puts a lot of pressure on me. My heart tells me I want to eat it but my brain says no. As soon as it touches my lips, I can’t do it.I

t started when I was about three. I would eat everything but one thing I didn’t like was mashed potato.

Someone forced me to eat mashed potato and that’s where it all started. The things I eat now are crispy or crunchy.

I can only eat thin fries and they have to be really crispy. Even when I cook chicken nuggets, I have to make them crispy.

It doesn’t affect me physically but it does mentally. I don’t feel lethargic or anything and I’ve had blood tests but they’re all fine.

My partner takes it really well. When we first met, I didn’t tell him about ARFID and we were walking around town looking for a restaurant and I ended up having to tell him because I kept saying no.

When his parents visit, they make all these amazing meals and I can’t eat any of them.

A lot of people say they’re surprised that I’m never ill. I’m also a very upbeat, happy person and people don’t understand how I’ve got so much energy.

Geez. At first I thought it might be cool to eat chicken nuggets all day all the time, but the way that she’s describing it sounds like absolute hell because even though she wants to eat other things, her brain literally won’t let her. As much as I love chicken nuggets, I don’t want to be eating them every meal and be physically unable to eat anything else, you know?

Sadly for Monro, she claims to have tried therapy and hypnotherapy to overcome her problem but they haven’t been successful and she doesn’t really see any other way to get over it. Considering she’s been fighting it for 22 years, unless there’s some kind of scientific breakthrough it seems unlikely she’ll ever be able to get over it. Sad.

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